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Continued development of your products and services is vital to ensure business growth, in a market where advantage and true differentiation is hard to realise. Through a collaborative approach, we seek to identify alternative concepts and provide practical solutions.

Once you have identified a challenge, we will work with you to define the full scope of work, investigate, consider a range of potential solutions and to implement. Our evaluation techniques look at both external and internal aspects across a range of business disciplines.

Our consultants offer a wide range of expertise where analytical, technical, delivery and business management ability is a pre-requisite within rolling stock related disciplines. Our knowledge has been gained in both passenger and freight markets, at vehicle, component and facility level. Including new product, refurbishment, modification, maintenance, servicing, facility, logistics and quality systems expertise.

If you only require additional experienced resource to compliment your in-house teams due to a peak in demand, we may be able to assist you. We offer a range of services to support your potential requirements including:

Centric Rail as your Partner

We provide a variety of services to support our client’s dependant on the specific needs and challenges. Our team possesses diverse experience and techniques based on the successful delivery of past projects in the rail sector.

  • Our professionals offer extensive expertise within the rolling stock sector with exposure to international passenger and freight rolling stock markets
  • We understand how the railway operates and interfaces, as such we are as such we consider multi-stakeholder requirements
  • Our holistic approach ensures that while investigating or defining a solution, we act across the full spectrum of departmental disciplines
  • Striving to add value to your business and complement your team by providing a range of services when you need it and not for a moment longer
international clients


Our client base is not limited to the United Kingdom, our internationally experienced professionals operate on a worldwide basis.



We are keen to develop long lasting collaborations with our clients and their stakeholders, enabling outcomes to be improved.



We strive to provide high quality sustainable solutions to our client base. We commit to deliver the package we promised the client.

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