How Can We Help?

At Centric Rail, we help you with more than your rail project.

Whether your company is new to bidding for work, or you have been submitting bids but not getting the right results – we can help.

Our expertise spans across many business disciplines and niches, allowing us to help implement solutions that will produce great results.

Market & Feasibility Studies

Organisations continually require to secure growth, as such the introduction of new product types and services alongside expansion into new markets is vital. Today’s markets are complex, demanding a detailed understanding of the customers needs, existing solutions and how a direct root to market can be secured.

We collate available market data, then utilising our database, we filter and sort it. The resulting output allows a range of scenarios to be generated enabling your organisation to make informed decisions concerning product, price, place and promotion.

Our skills-sets secured from operating within demanding environments allows us to better support our clients, especially those that seek to enter the rail market.

Should you require additional support we can offer:

  • Market introductions and familiarisation
  • Vehicle-based market studies for both Passenger and Freight Markets
  • Market entry strategy
  • Brand awareness and development
  • Implementation support and in-country representation
  • Product feasibility studies

Concept & Solution Development

Ensuring position and relevance within your markets is vital to growing or sustaining your business.

Concepts and solutions must meet the criteria that the market dictates. Product cost targets, specification, compliance, ease of use, maintainability, whole life cost are all elements that to a lesser or greater degree may be the difference between a product or service that performs or one that does not. We look to develop and optimise concepts and solutions for specific market requirements for both existing and new product or service ranges.

Our span of disciplines coupled with our experience allows us to support your specific needs holistically. Our market, sales, bid, costing, technical, quality, project, production, operational, service, maintenance and overhaul experience will add value and enhance your concepts and solutions.
We can offer:

  • Concept and solution based feasibility studies
  • Product and services investigation and optimisation
  • Manufacturing and process review
  • Removal of waste
  • Product and support strategy development

Commercial Development

What constitutes commercial? The understanding of the market, generation of new business, customer relationship management, change management, reporting, risk management, claims management, profitability or terms and conditions? We understand its diversity and capable of delivering many of its aspects.

Our commercial approach is pragmatic and practical, concentrating on what is required to deliver the service or product successfully to the end user. We construct a process-based framework that ensures that the correct inputs are identified allowing the required output to be delivered. We plan to succeed not to fail with mitigation

Our range of commercial services include:

  • Sales strategy and pipeline development
  • Supporting business development initiatives
  • Development of commercial frameworks
  • Delivery risk quantification supporting the development of contractual terms
  • Risk management
  • Negotiation support

Bid Management

Your bid response is your shop window, through which your potential client considers your products, organisation, delivery, service, product quality and your pricing.

A bid is a project within its own right, that warrants concise planning to ensure a successful execution. Your bid response communicates what you will do, when it will be done, how it will be delivered and the cost. A winning bid however, in addition, makes it clear why you are bidding, demonstrates that you can deliver and details added value.

We offer a range of bid-related services to strengthen and complement your bidding activities, to increase your bid performance. We focus on interfaces, risk mitigation, scoring and implementation.

  • Support leadership and management of client bids
  • Bid theme and branding development
  • Concept and scenario development
  • Bid team health checks
  • Cost modelling and benchmarking
  • Risk Management
  • Bid review, evaluation and compliance review
  • Development and implementation of bid management processes, systems and training

Project Management

Professional project delivery allows your business to achieve its commitments to its clients by robustly delivering what you promised. The successful delivery of promises generates trust which is vital to securing new future contracts and repeat business.

Often the most significant challenges are faced within the initialisation phase; this is where we are best placed to support your needs. We strive to define the projects delivery concept at the earliest point, yet allowing it to develop and remain agile.

We often implement projects, some of which we defined at the bid phase, to support seamless handover, we can bring our experience to enhance the delivery of your project.

We offer project management related services to suit your requirements including:

  • Defining and implementing projects
  • Support leadership and management of client projects
  • Project health checks
  • Variation management and configuration control
  • Risk Management
  • Project review and KPI reporting
  • Development and implementation of project management processes

Business & Process Optimisation

In today’s ever more competitive market business improvement and optimisation is a must, even just to maintain position. A successful business requires effective leadership, clarity of purpose and a communication structure that engages.

Business strategy and the process should be simple, logical and resources in place to achieve successful delivery. Our approach is that of common-sense, and implementing solutions utilising professionals that understand how to met the challenges working across the span of an organisation at all levels. We want to understand any challenges you may have.

We provide a range of services:

  • Facilitate business improvement workshops
  • Undertake root-cause analysis
  • Implement waste elimination
  • Deliver process improvement
  • Strategic plan development
  • Business reporting and objective rollout
  • Training and development of soft skills